k9 university

We are the dog-training resource that experts seek and consult when managing problem dogs, complex situations, severe behavioral issues, and dogs that simply have bad habits. 

K9 University is an Ivy League educational institution focusing on dog training needs from the very basic, to the very advanced.  Nothing is too small, or too complex when dealing with training and behavioral conditioning.   Let us help!

Puppy foundation

Our group Puppy Training Classes are designed for puppies between 8 and 20 weeks of age.  The VERY foundation your pup needs, and the critical socializing every puppy needs before they are 20 weeks old.

obedience Classes

Our group Basic Obedience is designed for dogs over 20 weeks of age.  Covering Basic, Intermediate, Advanced and Elite obedience.  There is no shortage of obedience programs at K9 University.

boarding school

Our K9U Boarding School© (K9U BootCamp©) is a dog training program designed for those who want to have their dog professionally trained for them.

private lessons

This program is designed for the family whose schedule does not allow for weekly classes, or simply for someone who needs or wants specialized one-on-one training. 

behavior curbing

The best behavior curbing program in the industry.  We use well-established conditioning methods that have been proven time and time again.  It’s important to understand that MOST behavioral issues are curable.

K9 University Boarding School

Let Our Experts Do The Work For You

Our efficient K9U Boarding School© (K9U BootCamp©) program varies anywhere from five days to a few weeks depending on the needs.  The age of the dog is NOT that important, we accept puppies as young as 8 weeks old and it does not matter how old the dog is; our training program works regardless of age due to its intensity and our proven positive reinforcement methods.

K9U Day-Camp©

 This training program is designed for the family that is able to drop the dog off daily, so that one of our qualified certified trainers can work with them on unwanted behaviors or training while you’re at work.

K9U Finishing School©

This training program is designed for the K9U graduate (Alumni) dog that has an area that needs sharpening, or has consistency issues; where the dog is professionally trained in our setting, with one of our trainers. 

K9U Boarding School©

This program is designed for those who want to have their dog professionally trained for them.  If you just can’t get to training Fido, then this is your program.

Read what our clients are saying about us…

The trainers at K9 University know how to work their magic! I took my dog through both the beginner and intermediate courses here and have to say it was well worth the time and money spent. Not only was it a fun way to bond, but the trainers provided the tools needed to help my pup become the perfect companion!

~ Allison Di Rabon

We have had fantastic experiences at K9University. I love that my dog has the social experience of a group setting, but the trainers really tailor the guidance for each dog based on their personality & their responses. It’s very personalized.

~ Nicole Spencer

These folks are a wealth of knowledge!!!! Any question or concern I had I was able to share with them and they helped me with all of it. They are dedicated to you and your pup. They are honest and sell it to you straight!

~ Holly Marie Teague

We have been working with K9U and our dog Luke for several months, and today, I brought Luke home from boarding school, and he is doing so well!!!  I feel like I have control of my home again. Big thank you to Cassie for helping us make it through Basic, Mallori for helping with private training and all of our assessments, and Toni for taking care of boarding school.  Also, thank you to everyone behind the scenes for helping with my Luke!!

~ Samantha Gorman

We took our German Shepherd to K9 University when she was 8 weeks old. We placed her in the boarding school for 14 days. I am BLOWN away with the improvement!!!!! Having a two year old daughter allows for a lot of “set ups” for our puppy and she has been responding SO well. She hasn’t jumped on our daughter once since being home, and a rockstar with her leash- two things she was really bad at before. K9 is worth every penny!!!!!

~ Kaitlyn Bruza

They did an excellent job working with Shultz my GSD.  He minds so well and is a joy to take with me everywhere I go, and in the house, he’s great too.  People are so amazed!!!!
Thank you K9 University. When Schulz came home he acted like a gentleman.

People, if you need help with your fur family, this is the place to go!! They’re wonderful trainers.

~ Mary Ducote