Private Lessons

K9 University’s Private Lessons

K9 University also offers Private Lessons.  This program is designed for the family whose schedule does not allow for weekly classes, or simply for someone who needs or wants specialized one-on-one training. 

During a private session, we’re able to focus on all obedience issues or simple problems your dog may be displaying, and it is done in the comfort of your home, or in a private setting in our facility.

COVID-19 update:  Private Sessions at home have been suspended due to the pandemic, however, Private Sessions at our facility will continue to be scheduled. 

This type of specialized training is excellent to correct obedience issues, eliminate common behavioral issues such as nipping owners, chewing items, common socializing issues, and sharpen any specific obedience command.

We’re able to focus on you and your dog 100% of the time, therefore we can achieve excellent unmatched results.

Please call for an appointment, or you may email us so that we may give you our professional assessment of your needs and the cost associated with this type of specialized training. 

Prerequisite: Current vaccinations administered by a licensed veterinarian. 

What We Do Best

Sit / Stay
Potty Training
Quiet / Stop on Command
Come when Called
Behavioral Modification
No Chewing
No Biting
Crate Training
No Jumping on People