Behavior Curbing

Behavioral Curbing    Behavior Modification   Severe Problem Solving

It is critical to mention that most behavioral issues are specific to a particular dog, and that most problem-solving sessions are private to ensure your individual success.   The University has also constructed programs that will help you eliminate less severe behaviors that are also not wanted.  These programs are also scheduled in private settings.  We can help you eliminate all of those unwanted dog behaviors regardless of the severity.

It’s important to recognize that MOST behavioral issues are curable. You deserve a stellar dog, why settle for less?

If your fur friend:

  • Has bitten or nipped a person
  • Chases people, cars, bikes
  • Digs
  • Aggressively barks at people, dogs or cats
  • Piddles or has potty issues
  • Jumps on you or your friends
  • Bitten or assaulted another dog
  • Continuously barks
  • Won’t come when you call them
  • Destroys things
  • Escapes out of your yard or house
  • Just won’t listen

There is NO REASON for your dog to be UNSAFE around people, kids or dogs.  
The good thing is that MOST of these severe cases are curable if you understand the root cause, and by applying effective behavior curbing techniques.

We own proven behavioral curbing techniques and have the data to support the most effective dog-aggression results in the industry.

If you’re involved in a legal matter as a result of a dog assault; call us for a Behavior Evaluation of your dog to assess and determine if your dog is curable. These consultations results can then be used in court in your dog’s defense. We are also available as an Expert Witness for court testimonials when required.

If you’re needing to learn how to AVOID a dog bite or learn how to defuse a dog assault, contact our sister company Dog Bite Safety, LLC for their curriculum that will teach you how to scientifically avoid dog bites from any situation.

Prerequisite: Current vaccinations administered by a licensed veterinarian.