Prevent a dog from biting you!

~ 50% of Americans have been bitten by a dog ~
~ 800,000 people require medical attention yearly due to dog bites ~
~ Someone seeks medical attention for a dog bite every 40 seconds ~
~ There are nearly 90 Million dogs in America ~
~ “Dog bites are preventable” — AVMA ~

If you are wanting to correct an aggressive behavior that your own dog is displaying, then you’ll need to leave this page and visit our behavior curbing page instead (HERE).

This page is here to help those people and companies that are looking to learn HOW to defend themselves from a vicious dog assault or a pack of dogs — if this is you, then you’ve arrived at the correct place :-).

Families out on a walk, utility workers, postal employees, veterinarians, police officers, and other emergency responders are all faced with daily risks where a dog may attack them.   We have taught thousands how to defend themselves from this type of assault.

Click the button below to learn more about this topic from our sister company Dog Bite Safety LLC.  Having trained Police dogs, Personal Protection Dogs dogs, as well as having done severe behavioral work for over 30 years, it was a natural progression to teach people how to defend themselves from a dog assault.